Terms Of Service and End-User License Agreement

You will not use the TREBOW app (The App) with any person who is not your primary medical provider or their staff.

You may not change, alter, or decompile The App in any way. You may not re-distribute the code or alter the code. You may not recreate the code in any form or manner.

The App is not intended for emergencies. In the event of an emergency please call 911 or the emergency room.

The App is intended to work on a data connection. You are solely responsible for connecting to a data network and the Internet. This app is not intended for emergencies and it is possible for our servers to become unavailable for any number of reasons. We will work to get any issues related to our servers resolved in a timely manner.

The App does not diagnose or provide any medical information. Any medical assistance you receive is provided to you by your provider. The App is a secure and encrypted messaging app permitting you to connect to your physician or their staff.

Subscription fees for this service are non-refundable. To discontinue service at the end of the current subscription period, simply email us at support@curesthealth.com. Alternatively, you can send a message to TREBOW Tech Support from your TREBOW Inbox.

Our privacy policy and updates are always posted at this link: https://app.trebow.com/privacypolicy

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